Sunday, December 18, 2011

Once Upon a Time

Our Story from our Wedding Website

How We Met

How We Met
We attended the same high school but never managed to notice each other. This might have been because one of us was a senior while the other was a freshman (not saying which). Our paths crossed again 11 years later in Columbia, MO at a bookstore. Fittingly, it was the travel section we were both perusing and we exchanged niceties (each thinking the other looked familiar). That might have been that. But aaaahhhh facebook. That wonderful re-connector of people everywhere. A friend request shortly followed and late night talks of books we shared an interest in on Virtual Bookshelf ensued. We quickly found that we had much in common -- a love of travel, books, good food, blues music, similar worldviews, etc. Soon we were both spending quite a bit of time online trying to find out every detail about each other.

Our First Date

After weeks of online chats, Corinna asked Ryan on a first date. A reply quickly followed and they agreed to meet at Sake Sushi Bar at 5 on the 28th of January.
And Corinna was 40 minutes late to their first date. So Ryan can never get mad at her for running late because he knew what he was getting himself into from the start.
After dinner we attended a chamber orchestra concert. Our first kiss followed at the end of the date in a poorly lit, dirty alley outside of Ryan's apartment. Romantic.

Falling in Love

Falling in Love
We've been inseparable ever since. Ryan regaled Corinna with tales of Mongolian emperors and Chinese misadventures. Corinna actually enjoyed it. Well, most of it. And the more we talked and shared, the more we fell for each other. Pretty quickly we both knew we didn't want to be without each other.
We've tested our relationship with travel (we have very differing philosophies on tent placement and itineraries), physical trial (we didn't kill each other during the most arduous last 4 downhill miles of a 15 mile hike you could ever imagine) children (we took my sister's 3 kids for a month!), family (we won't get into the specifics, but of course we don't mean you), and time & space (it's been a year and a half now and we continue to grow closer and further entwine our lives).
We were talking seriously about marriage and family and taking care of each other in old age since nearly the beginning. It was always so obvious and easy for both of us. We are excited to know that we are going to be together for the rest of our lives and share all of the ups and downs that will entail. Together, we are truly the happiest we have ever been.

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